BitleagueCoin is focused on building a decentralized, crypto-token powered ecosystem that bridges the gap between various sports-related industries through leveraging the real-world benefits of blockchain.

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BitleagueCoin hub is a decentralized social network, blog, and forum that brings together sports and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The BitleagueCoin hub provides a platform where participants earn rewards for original and useful content in both the sporting and cryptocurrency space. It also offers participants an opportunity to interact with other participants in order to have a clearer picture of the consensus at a given time in both the sporting and cryptocurrency world which is an advantageous asset in decision making.


BitleagueCoin E-SHOP

E-commerce platform for shopping all sports-related merchandise, equipment and match tickets.

BitleagueCoin HUB

A decentralized social network and forum to support a global community of sports enthusiasts.

Refund on Losses

BitleagueCoin implements an unbelievable (up to 20%) payback to bettors on their losses given specific terms and conditions. Algorithm- for the payback on losses - is powered by smart contracts.

Vast Ecosystem

BitleagueCoin comes as a complete ecosystem where the BLG token serves both as the fuel and currency. The ecosystem features a decentralized betting system, an e-shop, a social hub, and a debit card.

Provably Fair

Both the operator and the bettor can neither tweak nor cheat the tamperproof smart contracts which handle wagers and payouts, hence with BitleagueCoin the winner and the winner alone always wins.

Loyalty Rewards

Globally convene sports lovers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and sports bettors via an interactive interface; and duly reward experts who provide leadership and analytical articles with high ratings.



utility tokens

BLG tokens shall be the primary means of payments in the systems.


Commissions are paid out to users upon referrals to the system.

unlimited payments

The BitleagueCoin platform has no limit on deposits & withdrawals.

secure & transparent

Wagers cannot be called back, edited nor tweaked once deployed.

controlled supply

The predetermined circulation schedule is tamper proof.

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BitleagueCoin PAY

In her pursuits to bring originality to the crypto space, BitleagueCoin integrates with choice cryptocurrency and fiat payment processors in the form of merchants and vendors and is spendable via credit cards all around the world.

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Why Choose Us

BitleagueCoin comes as a complete ecosystem where the BLG token serves as both fuel and currency. With BitleagueCoin, players can rest easy knowing their payments are guaranteed, the platform is transparent, free of lockouts caused by frequent wins, there is zero risk of embezzlement, and their accounts contain top privacy and security features.

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